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高品质佳能数码相机:Achieve the full format single shot and image recognition, more efficiency of auto-positioning.
完整的格式图像自动识别generate contour template.
Camera calibration offset compensation: Correct the overall offset after the device has been running for a period of time to ensure the precise cutting.
Professional suction bellow design:有效吸收材料并清除灰尘。
E型叶片网片输送机: Made by aviation aluminum, light weight & stable structure.输送机可逐个更换清洗方便,使用寿命长。金沙投注官网
Monorail Cutting System:Reduce the wear between the pulley and the guide rail, achieving high efficiency & high precision and durability.


Laser Power: 100W(130W、150W可选)
Laser Tube Type: CO2 Laser Tube, 10.6 µm Wavelength (Optional 2 Laser Tube 100W, 130W, 150W)
激光管寿命: 10000小时
工作区域: 71" x 39" (1800 mm x 900 mm)
0-15;74 in/s
Z轴位移: 0.003英寸(±0.1毫米)
Drive System Inner Rail
传输: Belt/ Stepper Motor
操作方式: Control Panel and Software, Advanced Camera
Dimensions: 85" x 97" x 85" ( 2160 mm x 2463 mm x 2160 )
Machine Weight: 2050 LB ( 92.986 Kg )


Controlling System: Ruida RD
Software: Smart Vision
Transmission System: 三相步进电机
连接方式: USB Memory/ USB Cable/ Ethernet
Focus Lens:
2.0" ( 50.8 mm )
Reflecting Mirrors: 3 sets of Φ0.98" mm × 1/8 in
Support Bitmap Format: BMP、JPG、GIF、PNG、MNG等
Support Vector Graphics Format: PLT、AI、DXF、DST, ETC
Camera: High-quality Canon Digital Camera
Warranty One year (exclude optics and mirrors)
Power Supply: 220V/60Hz


Extraction system: Exhaust fan 1HP / 750W (Optional 2 set of Exhaust fan for Double Head Update)
辅助空气: Air compressor 135W (Optional 2 set Air compressor 135W for Double Head Update)
Water chiller: S&A CW 5200 industrial refrigerated chiller



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